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The terms and conditions are written so that both the learner driver and the driving school can have fair and reasonable expectations. If there is anything you feel we ought to consider editing or including please inform us.

1.The driving school operates as a franchise, this is to say that we have fully qualified driving instructors in our team who work for the brand and to our policies. These driving instructors are self employed and any services you pay for are contractually between you and the driving instructor.

2. If you make a payment to the driving school and not the driving instructor, please bare in mind the monies received are taken on behalf of the driving instructor and are not retained by the driving school.

Expectations From The Driving School

1. Your driving instructor will always provide you with a clean interior, smelling fresh. Before each lesson starts your driving instructor cleans the steering and all controls which you will use. While the driving instructor will regularly clean the exterior of the car it is not always possible to have it spotless for when they meet you.

2. The driving instructor will attempt to arrive 5 minutes before the start of your driving lesson to make sure they are on time. If there are going to be any delays the driving instructor will contact you to inform you.

3. Your driving instructor is fully qualified, has regular on going training and has passed a CRB (police) check.

4. It is the duty of your driving instructor to make sure you drive to a safe standard before you go to the driving test. Your driving instructor will not permit you to go to the test and risk your life if he or she does not feel you are ready. If you do not agree with their decision you can opt for a mock test with the proprietor Nicky Harris.

5. Your driving instructor will encourage you to book your theory test as soon as possible.

6. The driving instructors overall behaviour will be compliant to the standards set out by the DVSA.

Expectations Of You

1. On your first driving lesson you will need to bring your driving licence. You will be taken to a quiet area to start learning to drive, you will receive a safety check, a cockpit drill, a progress report card and you will drive.

2. If at anytime during the lesson the driving instructor believes you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs your lesson will be terminated, you will still pay for the time booked.

3. You must inform your driving instructor of any prescription drugs you are taking which may cause an effect on your driving. If you are unsure please consult your doctor.

4. On all driving lessons you will adopt the attitude of a safe driver.

5. We will not tolerate rude behaviour or violence towards the driving instructor, you will leave the driving school and not be re instated.

6. All driving tests must be booked with the knowledge of the driving instructor. Please remember the driving instructor has other students and may have a test at the same time, therefore you do not want to double book.

7. Prior to taking your driving test you will have passed a mock test and completed the progress report form to a standard of “independent”

8. The driving school has a 24 hour lesson cancellation policy, any lessons cancelled by you within 24 hours of your lesson starting may be charged, this is at the discretion of the driving instructor.

9. In the event of bad weather it is the driving instructor who will determine if the lesson will proceed, this decision will be based upon your ability and the severity of the weather.

10. You must pay for all driving lessons in advance. If you are paying on the day then payment is taken at the beginning of the driving lesson. Cheques are not accepted unless they are with a guarantee card and funds have cleared before the day of the lesson.

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