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Part Trained Driving Lessons

This is a course for learner drivers who have already started taking driving lessons with either another driving school or privately perhaps with friends or family. You will have the belief that while you still need to improve your skills, you are more developed than a beginner. A person suitable for this course has perhaps used 4th and 5th gears, tried to park the car and has faced on coming traffic in a 30mph zone.

The Driving Academy accepts that some of your skills that you feel confident with may not be yet to standard so therefore please be assured all of your skills are monitored for your safety.

Tell Us About Your Experience
When you contact The Driving Academy let us know of your driving experience, tell us about the things you have done, the things you enjoyed, what you may have struggled with and why you stopped learning or changed driving school. All of this information is important to us because we build the driving lessons around your needs, they do not come out of a book. Because the lessons are personal to you, it helps you learn in fewer lessons.

Your First Driving Lesson
When we first meet due to the phone call we will have a very good idea of what you can do, so show us. This is not a test, just a small evaluation of what you are good at, and it will help us create a lesson plan for you so e can concentrate on your areas of development.
At the end of the driving lesson you will have leaned some new skills, improved your current skills and will have a development charting your way to become a safe driver in order to pass the driving test.

Please Read If You Have Passed Your Theory Test
At the end of the first driving lesson we can look at dates for booking your practical driving test.

Please Read If You Have NOT Passed Your Theory Test
We will give you the help and support to pass your theory test as quickly as possible. It will also help you with driving and can result in you needing fewer driving lessons.

Please Read If You Have Passed Your Theory Test And Booked Your Practical Test
You will need to let us know the date of your driving test so we can check availability and make sure we can deliver to you the amount of driving lessons you are going to need.

Please Read If You Have Passed Your Theory Test And Have NOT Booked Your Practical Test
At the end of your first driving lesson we can look to set a date for your practical driving test and schedule in the driving lessons you will require.

Your Journey to passing the driving test…

Manoeuvres – While we will not be teaching you how to do J turns that you might see on Top Gear you will learn all the manoeuvres you need to park even in the toughest of car parks.

Roadcraft – This is about bringing all of your skills together and turning yourself into a careful, natural driver.

Confidence – your confidence will grow as you see your skills develop and through our checking processes you will be able to see how we record your abilities. Building your confidence is vital and we will help you drive with a smile on the understanding you know how to handle any situation.

Theory Test – We want you to pass your theory test quickly, by doing so this will also help you cut down on the number of driving lessons needed. You will need less time from your driving instructor teaching you things such as hazard perception because you will already have earned how to do this.

Booking the Practical Test
– Once you have passed your theory test we can book your practical test. We need to book the test in accordance to the driving instructors diary. Together we will then plan in the driving lessons you need to be able to be a safe driver and pass your driving test. Setting a date early helps you to concentrate and focus on your driving test, if for any reason you wish to set back your driving test to a later time this can be arranged.

Mock Test – You are in the final few weeks of your driving lessons so lets just see how good you are with a mock test, if we pick up any areas for improvement we will concentrate on those areas.
Just by taking a mock test and appreciating your areas of development will do wonders for your preparation and confidence.

Passing Your Driving Test
– You will probably be aware the driving test does not cover all elements of driving, it does not include driving at night, in bad weather, on country roads or indeed motorways. Having completed your progress report, driving without assistance, and having passed your mock test you will have everything you need to impress the driving examiner on your driving test.

Pass Plus – Congratulations, you have successfully completed your beginners course of driving lessons and successfully passed your driving test. Now is the time to learn to drive above and beyond the driving test, making you a safe driver for life.

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