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What you are about to read is perhaps going to be refreshingly different “Have you considered it was not your fault you have been failing your driving test?” If you have been repeatedly failing your driving test you have probably started to doubt yourself with thoughts like, are you good enough, and ill you ever be able to drive? It is quite disheartening but the truth could actually be that the training you received was not adequate.

We are going to ask you some very simple questions and make some statements, this will tell you if your training was as good as it could have been.

1. Were you given a progress report form on your first driving lesson? Was it updated after every lesson? Did you complete it to the standard of being an independent driver before you took your driving test?

  1. Had you been given and passed a mock driving test?

    3. Were you driving without the intervention of your driving instructor on the lessons in the run up to your test?

    They are 3 critical points to show you are ready to pass your driving test.
    But wait, we have more for you.
    Has anyone explained to you the 4 things the driving examine is looking for on your driving test?

    1. You need to have the mind set of being a safe driver.

  2. To obey the Highway code.

    3. To be aware of your surroundings and to adopt your driving accordingly.

    4. To be in control of the car at all times.

    Sometimes people will fail their driving test, it is a fact of life but if you are not aware of these 7 points and have put them into practice the chances are you will fail. So if you have not been shown these points and encouraged to meet the standard these points set, is there any wonder why you have been failing?

    The Driving Test Rescue Course Explained…

    The first part of the course is a telephone consultation worth £20 but is given to you free of charge. Here e will get to the route of the matter, and you will finish the phone call knowing exactly hat has gone wrong and how to fix the problem.

    The first lesson consists of 2 hours. The first hour is an assessment, the pressure is totally off and if anything only what you have been taught is under scrutiny, you are not. We are looking for the areas where you excel and the areas that need further development and could comprise of technical ability, understanding, confidence and anticipation. The second hour sees you to start to put things right and also incorporates a lesson plan written for you.

    Each lesson is for two hours, and for lessons two, three and four you will be working to your lesson plan, correcting the faults and becoming a safe and confident driver ready to pass the driving test. Hours 9 and 10 are saved for the driving test itself and the confidence booster lesson before hand.

    The cost of this specialised course is just £400, or £45 an hour if you wish to take single hours. Every time you fail a driving test it costs you in the region of £300 to include a new test, the hire of the car and remedial lessons. So now is the time to put this right.


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