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Driving Lessons in Wharfedale By The Driving Academy

Driving Lessons Wharfedale: We totally understand it is not an easy task to find driving lessons in Wharfedale despite their being plenty of driving schools in Wharfedale to choose from, so we are going to give you a few questions which help you decide who is the best solution for you.

1. What further training since qualifying has the driving instructor completed and why did they do that course? This questions finds out which driving instructors are not happy with being just an average instructor.

2. What other type of driver training do you offer other than learner lessons? You want as much experience as possible and some driving instructors help train other instructors and have lessons for motorways and Pass Plus. The more they offer overall stands to reason that they could have more experience to offer you on your lessons.

These two questions are never asked by learner drivers or even their parents when shopping around for a driving school, but the answers to the questions will give you a much better idea if the driving instructor is right for you. If they have been taking extra education and training after becoming a driving instructor and offer more then just learner lessons you can get the idea the time you spend with this instructor will be more valuable to your learning.

How Can You Save Over £500 on Driving Lessons in Wharfedale?

The people who will look for cheap driving lessons in Wharfedale will manage to save in the region of £50 to £100 if they are lucky. All you are going to get at best is £2 an hour difference and if you can get as much as £4 cheaper it still will not come anywhere near the £500 you could save. This is what you need to know and do.

1. The average learner driver needs 47 hours of driving lessons to pass their driving test and an extra 20 hours private practice.

2. Average learners include those people who do just one hour a week and will miss weeks because they do not have the cash to have the driving lesson.

3. Firstly if money is an issue than save up, because cheap driving lessons in Wharfedale, taking one hour a week and missing out on driving lessons will cost you more money. The longer the time in between a driving lesson the more you forget, and at school we all had that one hour a week lesson and the following week you remembered nothing. 4

. What you need to do is to take 2 to 4 hours a week, you will remember more, forget less and need fewer lessons over all. This strategy can save you around £250

5. By taking two to four hours a week with a professional driving instructor you will not need private practice or the costs to go with it. For a 3 month period you can easily be looking at £300 for insurance, and fuel.

6. We are going to show you how to pass your driving test first time and that can also save you another £300

Driving Schools In Wharfedale And How To Pass First Time

The following are basic tips on what you need to do to make sure you have all the skills to be able to pass your driving test first time.

1. Everything you have been taught you can do without the driving instructor having to get involved.

2. You are driving independently and you do not require support from your driving instructor.

3. You have passed a mock driving test. The driving examiner also wants to know you have a safe attitude to driving, you are in control of the car, following the Highway Code and able to spot hazards. If you can achieve all of this then you have what it takes to get your driving licence.

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