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Driving Lessons Leeds: The Driving Academy has 2 aims, the first is to help you become a safe driver which will lead you to passing your driving test and having safe driving skills for life. And the second step is to show you how to learn to drive in such a way we think you can save over £500 on getting your driving licence.

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How To Pass The Driving Test First Time
While some people may believe it’s all about knowing the test routes, that is far from the truth. Test routes can be handy but knowing how to go around them will not get you a driving licence and it will not make you a safe driver.

What you have to do on your driving test is show the driving examiner the 4 aspects to driving he or she are looking for.
The first aspect is to be able to be in control of the car at all times, so that means no coasting, no crashing, no wandering over lines, no falling back on hill starts etc.
The Second aspect is the Highway Code, are you adhering to it?
We then move on to the 3rd element which is having the ability to spot hazards and being able to take the appropriate action to neutralise and potential incident.
Finally, the driving examiner is looking to see if you have the safe attitude that a safe driver will have when driving.

If you are able to show the driving examiner these 4 qualities then you have every opportunity of passing your driving test.
To fail the test will cost in the region of £300, that figure consists of a new test, hire of the car on the day and remedial driving lessons.

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Your First Driving Lesson
On your first driving lesson and through all of your lessons we will help you to learn the 4 aspects mentioned above because that will help you develop good driving habits right from the start.

Even if you have never driven before we will start your driving lesson in a quiet area, free from traffic and perhaps friends and family peeking through the windows at home wishing you luck. Very soon you will be doing the driving, and that will come after a safety check and to show you how the controls work. After a few driving lessons our aim is for you to be driving home because it is a great feeling!

Once you have joined The Driving Academy and started taking lessons you will be encouraged to pass your theory test as this will help you pass your driving test more quickly.

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How To Save £500
If you follow our structured guidelines on how to take drive lessons you will have every opportunity to save £500 on the cost of getting your driving licence.
The DVSA compiled some research and found out the average learner driver also takes around 20 hours of private practice, now assuming you did this over 10 weeks the insurance could cost around £250. But we will show you a way so you can avoid this cost.

The DVSA also state an average learner driver takes 47 hours of professional training, but we believe if you do the following you have every chance of saving £200 to £300 by just learning in a better way.
The average learner driver will include those who take lessons for a few weeks and then stop, before starting over again, and also those who just take an hour a week. The problem with learning like that is you forget things, it is no different to being at school, missing a couple of weeks due to being ill and you forget loads. Only this time around it will cost you financially.

So if you did at least 2 hours a week every week, 4 hours if you can you will learn more quickly, you will retain more information, forget less and need fewer driving lessons.
Overall we believe we can help you save up to £500 if you learn using our methods.

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We would be delighted if you contacted us to take your enquiry further and if you have your provisional driving licence handy along with a debit or credit card we can even get you booked in for your theory test. 

We are an established driver training organisation with fully qualified driving instructors, if you wish to learn more about the owner, please go to the Our Promise page.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.
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