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Driving Lessons in Woodseats : The Driving Academy are here to help you pass your driving test. Many of our learners successfully pass their driving test first time due to the way our driving instructors in Woodseats teach you how to drive. Where we are different to many driving schools in Woodseats is that we teach you how to drive and to exactly understand what the driving examiner is looking for.

The driving test is just that, a test, and many people fail their driving test because of things like nerves but that is really not necessary, let us show you why…

Before you go to your driving test you want to be in a position where you are driving with your instructor but without their help, if you can do that you know you are then ready to pass your driving test. We’ll help you with your theory, guide you through our special learning to drive syllabus and you’ll prove to yourself you are a great driver by passing a mock test.

On your very first lesson with The Driving Academy, and it does not matter if you have never driven before or you have already started to drive we are going to show you what the driving examiner needs to see on your driving test.
The examiner is a government official working for the DVSA, quite often they have never taught people how to drive but they know how to look for faults in your driving, so you need to make sure you are a top driver.

Preparing for driving and your test starts on your very first driving lesson in Woodseats. The examiner wants to know you are a safe driver and that means you have to be in control of the car, observing the Highway Code, have a safe attitude to driving and you need to see, spot and avoid hazards. Therefore doesn’t it make sense to learn this from the outset and build it into your driving so it becomes natural?

We have been helping learner drivers be safe drivers for years, so if you want to pass your driving test give us a call now.

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