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If you happen to be like any learner driver wanting to get your driving licence then ideally you will want to pass first time, have a great experience and really enjoy your driving lessons in Dronfield. Once you have got your licence we promise your life is going to change forever! No more relying on lifts from friends and family, you can wave goodbye to that and you can say hello to weekend road trips, better paid job opportunities and…you can sing to your own music…try doing that on a bus!

Driving Lessons In Dronfield – Meet The Examiner

Have you ever wondered why people fail their driving test after taking driving lessons in Dronfield? Well usually the answer is simple, the person is not ready and then they put it down to nerves. On the day nerves should never come into it because before you even get to your driving test, you’ll be that good you’ll be driving blindfolded…well ok, let’s forget the blindfold but you get the point.

If you are gong to be driving your own car on your own there is no support from anyone once you have passed your test so you need to be able to handle any situation…any!
And this is what the driving examiner is going to be looking for on your driving test.
So before you go to the driving test you will have…

1. Completed the learning to drive syllabus
2. Be driving without the support of your driving instructor in Dronfield
3. Have passed a mock test

Those 3 points are vital to proving to you that without a doubt there are no need for nerves, leave them at home, you are a good driver, you are safe and you have everything you need to pass your test.

The examiner wants to know you have a safe attitude, are in control of the car all of the time, can keep to the Highway Code and you know how to detect hazards and avoid them. That’s it! That is all you need to do to pass your driving test,  doesn’t look that hard really does it?
So what you will be doing with The Driving Academy is putting into practice those points on every skill you learn and every lesson you take.

Training in the way we help you will go a long way towards you being a safe driver for life, not just good enough to pass the driving test but keeping yourself out of trouble on the road. We really care about your safety and want to see you have awesome driving lessons in Dronfield so please call us now.

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