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What The Examiner Wants To See
Driving Lessons Bradford: In a few moments you will discover how The Driving Academy are going to help you pass your driving test and how you can save £500 on getting your driving licence. Who needs cheap driving lessons in Bradford when you can save that amount of cash?

But first of all let us go straight to the driving test to uncover what the driving examiner is looking for because it reveals how we are going to teach you.
Now you have to to remember the driving test is there to test if you are a safe driver and the driving examiner has about 45 minutes to do this. Apart from assessing your technical abilities they are looking for four things from your driving.

1. The driving examiner wants to know you are a safe driver and therefore you need to be in control of the car at all times, if you are not in control you are not safe.

2. You also need to be a legal driver and that means you have to follow the Highway Code.

3. One of the biggest factors of being a safe driver is spotting potential risks and then adjusting your driving to avoid those hazards or prevent them from even occurring.

4. And finally a safe driver has the right mental attitude and approach to driving and the examiner will want to see that.

When we teach you to drive and right from the first lesson we use though four factors on every driving lesson because it will mean you will create good habits; you will pass your test and be a safe driver.

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Your First Driving Lesson
The first driving lessons can be exciting as it is nervous and we know you would like to start away from your home and also in a quiet area, free from traffic so you can have time to relax and get going.

After a safety check and a controls demonstration you will be on your way and driving. The driving instructor will be guiding you, keeping you safe at all times and allowing you to get a smile on your face! 

It will not be long before you have the skills to drive home and many learner drivers see that as their first target. Speaking of targets there is a small matter of your theory test, have you passed it yet? On this page you will see a red square shaped button, so go and press it as it will take you to some awesome online software helping you train to pass the theory test.
When you phone in, if you have your provisional driving licence with you and a method of payment we can also help you book your theory test over the phone.

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How To Save £500
Perhaps the part you have been eager to read.
Now we are going to break this down into three parts for you as these are the ares where you will save money.

1. Passing your driving test first time – £300 approx
2. Taking lessons regularly – £200 approx
3. Not requiring private practice – £250 approx

So that’s the sort of money we are talking about if you follow these simple steps.
You have already read about what the driving examiner needs so we won’t cover that but before you go to the driving test you will have passed a mock test and you be driving without the help of your driving instructor. This will prove to you beyond doubt you have what it takes.

A lot of learner drivers take just one hour a week or go a few weeks without lessons, this is really hurting your pocket as it means you end up taking a lot more driving lessons than you are going to need. We recommend you do at least 2 hours a week. This way the information sticks, you forget less, remember more and need fewer driving lessons. Makes sense doesn’t it.

Now if you are taking 2 hours a week or as many as 4 to 6 hours a week you are not going to need private practice and that is very expensive. Insurance premiums are sky high and for just 2 or 3 months you can easily shell out a lot of cash and then you have to pay for fuel, and the extra wear and tear a learner brings to the car. Brakes and the clutch tend to get hurt the most.

So if you follow the way we do things you can save a heck of a lot of money.
Driving Lessons Bradford

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