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The Driving Academy has 2 aims, the first is to make sure you are a safe driver and the second aim is to help you pass your driving test. The driving test is just a measure of your driving ability, checking to make sure you are a safe driver, we will show you in a few moments how you can check up on your driving to see if you are at test standard and how to impress the driving examiner.

On your first driving lesson you will be driving, and you will also learn the foundations to safe driving for life and for passing your driving test. We will ask that on each of your driving lessons you use these foundations because they will not only make you safe but also help turn you into a natural, stress free driver – making driving fun!

Indeed driving can be a lot of fun but many people get stressed but we will show you how to drive in a hassle free environment, and even on your first driving lesson you will be loving it.
So on your first lesson we are going to show you the four steps of being a safe driver.

1. To obey the Highway Code
2. To go into the car in the frame of mind of being a safe driver
3. To be able to spot hazards and adjust your driving.
4. Being in control of your car at all times.

They are the four steps, but some learner drivers think that not going over the speed limit, indicating, not crashing etc. is being safe, and while indeed they are right it is not enough to pass the driving test.

Warning only 25% of learner drivers pass first time
Most driving instructors will tell you that is does not matter if you fail first time, and while they are correct it is not the news you want to hear. You want to be going into your driving test with every opportunity of passing first time, after all you are paying for professional driving lessons so it is only fair you go into your driving test with every chance of passing.

The reason why only 1 in 4 will pass their driving test first time is because they are not ready! Right now we are going to explain how you can determine if you are ready for your driving test, and it is not that difficult, this is not a guessing game, you are more important than that.

1. On your first driving lesson we will present you with a Progress Report Form. The form lists all the skills you need to learn and it will record your ability. To be good enough for the driving test you need to be classified as being “independent” in all areas.

2. Just like when you were at school we will also give you a mock exam. This will help you prepare for the driving test.

3. If you are going to pass your driving test then you need to be good enough to drive without any assistance, so before you go to your driving test you will be driving with your driving instructor but not needing their assistance.

If you go into the driving test without knowing what it takes to be a safe driver and without being able to drive without the need of any assistance then you have every opportunity of passing your driving test. This is why you take professional driving lessons with The Driving Academy. Anyone who is over the age of 21 will a full UK driving licence for 4 years can teach you to drive, but there is a massive difference between learning with friends and family and learning with a driving instructor from the Driving Academy. Just like teachers at school and university we have gone through extensive and ongoing training to deliver you the best training possible.

We can help you to save over £500 on learning to drive
Imagine starting off with a driving instructor who you end leaving for another, then consider taking out insurance on a parents car for some private practice and then throw into the mix failing your driving test once or twice. With The Driving Academy you can sidestep all of those issues, so please read about our triple guarantee, where we offer you a Pass Promise, 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty, and a Money Back Guarantee.

There are driving schools where you can learn to drive from as little at £99 for 10 hours of driving, it seems a good deal, but when you start to understand that is costs around £12 an hour for a driving instructor to give a driving lesson you have to raise questions over the amount of driving and learning you will be doing.

Failing your driving test can easily cost you in the region of £300, you have to pay for the test, lessons on the day and remedial lessons. Then if you do take private driving lessons then insurance for a 10 week period can easily cost over £200. As you can see The Driving Academy can easily help you save over £500 on passing your driving test.

An Outline of the Beginners Course
The following is not a step by step guide, where you do one thing then move on to the next but the tests do of course have an order.

Controls of the car – You will learn the controls of the car, how to use them and when to use them, you might think this is obvious but I am sure we will surprise you.

Manoeuvres – While we will not be teaching you how to do J turns that you might see on Top Gear you will learn all the manoeuvres you need to park even in the toughest of car parks.

Roadcraft – This is about bringing all of your skills together and turning yourself into a careful, natural driver.

Confidence – your confidence will grow as you see your skills develop and through our checking processes you will be able to see how we record your abilities. Building your confidence is vital and we will help you drive with a smile on the understanding you know how to handle any situation.

Theory Test – We want you to pass your theory test quickly, by doing so this will also help you cut down on the number of driving lessons needed. You will need less time from your driving instructor teaching you things such as hazard perception because you will already have earned how to do this.

Booking the Practical Test
– Once you have passed your theory test we can book your practical test. We need to book the test in accordance to the driving instructors diary. Together we will then plan in the driving lessons you need to be able to be a safe driver and pass your driving test. Setting a date early helps you to concentrate and focus on your driving test, if for any reason you wish to set back your driving test to a later time this can be arranged.

Mock Test – You are in the final few weeks of your driving lessons so lets just see how good you are with a mock test, if we pick up any areas for improvement we will concentrate on those areas.
Just by taking a mock test and appreciating your areas of development will do wonders for your preparation and confidence.

Passing Your Driving Test
– You will probably be aware the driving test does not cover all elements of driving, it does not include driving at night, in bad weather, on country roads or indeed motorways. Having completed your progress report, driving without assistance, and having passed your mock test you will have everything you need to impress the driving examiner on your driving test.

Pass Plus – Congratulations, you have successfully completed your beginners course of driving lessons and successfully passed your driving test. Now is the time to learn to drive above and beyond the driving test, making you a safe driver for life.

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