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Automatic Driving Lessons In Leeds
Before we get into the wonders of learning to drive in an automatic and taking automatic driving lessons in Leeds, we do want to point that if you pass your driving test in an automatic you cannot then drive a manual car. What many of our customers do is learn to drive in the automatic, and at a later stage if they wish to try the manual car they can. When they do try the manual they can drive, in control of the car and ready for passing their driving test, so trying out a clutch and gear stick is not trouble for them.

Is Learning To Drive In An Automatic Quicker Than A Manual.
Yes, without a doubt. Just forget for a moment you have something extra to learn and just concentrate on the fact you have 2 pedals, one for stopping and one for going faster. Therefore being able to concentrate on what is in front of you, looking for hazards, checking your speed and driving in a straight line becomes a lot easier.

So yes it is easier to start in an automatic because you get to do more, more quickly.

What Are The Other Advantages To Driving An Automatic?
Most learners love he fact you do not need to take your hands off the wheel to change gear, and when you first start learning to change gear you tend to look at the gear stick so you are now driving one handed and not looking at the road. Scary!
But also, they are very hard to stall, don’t roll backwards on hills and ever so easy to drive when you are in traffic.

A lot of drivers especially in rush hour traffic get stressed because as the traffic ebbs and flows, the gear changes are constant and it starts to get on your nerves because no real progress is made. However with the automatic all you need is to release the brake every now and then to regulate your speed.

Automatics Are The Future
You will have heard of hybrid and electric cars but did you know they are automatics?
More and more cars which are being manufactured today are automatic simply because technology and fuel types are creating that demand. Once you start taking automatic driving lessons in Leeds you will see how easy this is!

Can You Learn In An Automatic And Later Switch To Manual?
Absolutely you can, and it actually is a good thing for you to try. If you pass your driving test in a manual car you have the choice of either once you go out and buy a car, but if a manual is not for you, then no worries. They are the future, they are becoming increasingly fashionable and they are easy to drive…why do you want to take a hard route?

Automatic Driving Schools In Leeds

How To Pass Your Driving test
On your driving test the driving examiner will want to make sure you are a safe driver and they do that by looking into these 4 areas of your driving.

1. In control of the car at all times
2. Observing the Highway Code
3. Hazard Perception
4. Safe attitude

If you achieve those 4 points through your test you have a great chance of getting your driving licence.

Automatic Driving Instructors In Leeds

Your First Lesson
On your first driving lesson you will be taken to a safe and quiet area so you can learn without the hassles of other road users. After your safety brief you will be introduced to the controls of the car and you will start driving. Depending on how quick you learn and where your house is situated you will soon be driving home, maybe even on the first lesson. We will have to see!

Automatic Driving Lessons In Leeds

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