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Driving Lessons Ilkley: Ok so are you ready to learn how to become a safe driver, get your driving licence and learn how you can save over £500 on passing your driving test? Well here at the Driving Academy, we are going to show you how to reach those goals, and your learning starts right here. While there are many driving schools in Ilkley it is hard which driving school you ought to be choosing, how do you know which driving instructor in Ilkley is going to be right for you?

How To Find The Right Driving School In Ilkley

You are going to need to ask some “critical” questions to be able to determine who is right for you. Here are some examples you can use.

1. How long have you been operating as a driving school and what is the most common challenge when it comes to teaching a learner?

2. How long has the driving instructor been instructing for and what training have they taken since qualifying?

3. What other training do you offer after someone has passed their driving test? These questions are designed to help you separate a potentially weak driving instructor from someone who is far more skilled.

A school that supports its clients through many aspects of driver training such as motorway lessons; Pass plus, advanced driving techniques, trailer training and driving instructor training, demonstrate to you that they have extended skills and knowledge they can share with you. In short you are getting more for your money.

How Can A Driving School In Ilkley Save You £500

Not only is it a lot of money it is a bold statement to make. There are many people searching for cheap driving lessons in Ilkley and you will get £1 or £2 cheaper but in the long run you will save at most £50 to £100, it really isn’t worth the hassle or risk. This is what you need to do in order to have the opportunity of saving a lot of cash.

1. Take 2 to 4 hours of training a week with your driving instructor. Those that take one hour a week or miss weeks out forget lots of information, their training goes backwards and you spend money on extra lessons you didn’t require.

2. Make sure you pass your theory test quickly, and once hat is passed speak to your instructor about scheduling lessons so you can book your driving test. This could reduce the number of driving lessons you need.

3. Do not become an average learner, it is said they need 47 hours of tuition. It is the average learners who will be taking One hour a week and missing out on lessons.

4. Only start driving lessons if you can afford them, if you do not have the money do not end up spending more money overall because you have not saved. Be smart!

5. The average learner all needs around 20 hours of private practice but by taking 2 to 4 hours a week you won’t have to do that.

6. By following the guide so far you can save in excess of £500. Around £250 on lesson savings and £300 or so with scrapping the need of private practice and the insurance and fuel which comes with it.

7. You can save in the region of £300 by passing first time, more on that to follow.

How To Pass First Time With Driving Schools In Ilkley

Once you have your driving licence then the. world is your oyster but if you can pass first time you will save a lot of money, around £300 or so. This is what you need to do before you go to the driving test.

1. You have completed all the skills required and don’t need any help.

2. You have passed a mock driving test.

3. You are driving without the support of your driving instructor. If you can manage those 3 steps you are ready to show the driving examiner you are safe, in control, following the Highway Code and spotting hazards. Thats will get you your driving licence.

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